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WorldBox is a free god and simulation Sandbox game.
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Maxim Karpenko
June 19, 2020
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WorldBox-Sandbox God Simulator Premium APK- A simulation game with pixel graphics that allows the player to feel like a deity, creating life on the earth. With just a few taps on the screen, the user will be able to build a living environment of plants, animals, and other creatures. In addition to the development, the player will be able to assist in the destruction of the entire generated organization using devices such as acid rain, nuclear weapons, global disasters. The game offers a wide area of exploration, so it appeals to many gamers.

Story of WorldBox Premium APK

In the game, you will find yourself having access to a full and in-depth world simulator gameplay in which you can take control of the entire planet. Hold it in your hand as you openly immerse yourself in thrilling in-game apps. Do everything you want to do in your country. Create and kill, add life and death to the earth, and so on.

Start by changing landscapes and customizing your world to diverse environments. So you can go on to introduce all sorts of life forms to the lands, from animals, humans, sea creatures, to fantasy creatures and monsters. Let them create their kingdom of men, elves, orcs, dwarfs, and even demons.

But your strength is still far more than that, as well as creating. You are also capable of destroying the lands. Burn the entire planet with your great fire, or sunk the continents with your tsunami. Unleash catastrophic natural disasters in different parts of the world. Shake it up as you turn the planet back to its untouched self.

If I am not wrong then you’ll also find BitLife – Life Simulator an interesting game.

Visual and sound quality


Although it only features basic 2D graphics, the game is by no means unappealing. In reality, with several interesting features of the world. You’ll find in-game characters and elements that are incredibly enjoyable and interactive. Feel free to have access to vast land with a variety of elements. Interact with your in-game features, and have fun as you move through the thrilling challenges of WorldBox. And with the game being playable on most of your computers, smooth and enjoyable god simulations are expected.

Sound and Music

And along with strong and interactive visual experiences, WorldBox gamers will also find themselves having access to in-game, in-depth, and fascinating audio. Dive into the amazing universe of the entire planet in the game as you find yourself trapped in this whole earth of WorldBox. And with the catchy and strong soundtracks, you’re sure to find the game very enjoyable and fun to play on your mobile devices.

The Last Word

Download the new edition of WorldBox Premium APK from and witness the world’s bending force of Nature, spawning civilizations, and creating life. You can also get it on google play store.

What's new

A lot of new stuff is added. Beehives, bees, flies, rats, grasshoppers, fairies, beatles, flame and ice towers, divine magnet, new graphics for tiles and trees. And more fixes and small changes! Enjoy!


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