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February 16, 2021
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For at least two decades, information technology has been one of the most promising fields that can be studied at secondary schools and universities. In the last decade, however, this field has become well accessible due to technological demands. Even before the pandemic, students probably did not do without their own computer. But you can learn some of the skills on the Mimo app on your android.

Still, it is true that you need a slightly better computer to study information technology than for other fields, but it is also not twice as demanding on the financial side as in other fields. On the contrary, what can be more difficult is the study itself.

Information technology is one of such a wide field that studying it requires you to be a person of many talents. You must have some knowledge of electrical engineering, mathematics, statistics and business matters. Studying computer science requires both an understanding of principles and memorization, as well as skills that a person acquires only through training. One of the most difficult such disciplines, which cannot be learned other than through training, is to learn to program.

About the possibilities of learning to program on Mimo App

Here you will definitely hear a lot of advice on how best to learn to program and you will find even more courses. In the end, however, everyone has to go through a bit of hell and, like in the gym, dedicate themselves to certain hours before the results start to appear. Just as you would decide after years that you had nothing to do with sports that you wanted to learn to play hockey and play it at least on some amateur level, so it won’t work without first suffering hours of falls in a winter stadium while as you learn to skate.

And you also need to find out which skates suit you best. Application Mimo Apk: Learn to program JavaScript, Python, HTML from developers from the Viennese company Mimohello GmbH. It tries to offer you one of the ways to get started. Of course, this is not the only right way to start, because, as I suggested, you may find that something else suits you. But if you try it with the application, if you have little experience with programming, then you will definitely not go crazy.

This application is definitely not a miracle cure and there are definitely better ways to learn to program – for example between some online courses, but at least you will learn something new and try another option that is fun and tries to make learning easier as much as possible. this not too light for human activity.

Beginners can be told: Why not (Mimo App)

In the case of intermediate and more advanced, it is already more complicated. The courses are great for moving, but at this point, you will learn the most not by quizzes and reading, but by active programming of real projects. Here you will best learn to use various associated technologies, frameworks and explore various technological possibilities that you can use.

The application is very nice visually processed. At first, it seems to be trying to customize the content a bit when it asks you why you want to learn coding at all and what your programming experience is so far. Unfortunately, in the end, it looked like it was just a marketing survey. Although I chose more advanced options, the application began to explain to me what variables are in programming languages.

The application works like many mobile games on the principle that it is free, but you must not make too many mistakes, because then you have to wait for the resumption of lives and if you do not want to wait, you have to pay extra.

Apart from Pro, unfortunately, they are definitely among the more expensive applications. It costs about fifteen hundred a year. Despite its advantages, it seems to me that a beginning programmer can spend CZK 1,499 definitely better than with this application.

The Mimo App is nicely designed and teaches in a fun way, but it’s not that it would be so much better than other ways to program to learn that it should be worth the “Pro” version. But I would recommend the free version for beginners to try. It is possible that something similar will suit them. But then I would still prefer to either go to an online course or straight to a book. But especially for development environments, let everyone program what they would like and gradually try to come to the best possible result of their idea for the program.

You can also get it on Google Play Store.


  • For complete beginners, it can be a fun and casual form of teaching.
  • Nice animation and graphic design.


  • It is not very valuable for the more advanced.
  • It’s quite expensive for versions, without it you have to wait for lives to be restored if you make mistakes.
  • HTML, JavaScript and Python only.

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