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Looking for healthy and Easy Keto Diet Recipes? And how to make them? You are just in the right place!
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January 29, 2021
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The Best Diet App for Weight Loss and Burn Fat

The Keto Diet APP is for both vegans and people who want to eat “normally” but improve their cooking quality.

The ancient Greeks and Romans understood that food and exercise affected our health and weight. The Greek “diet” referred to a whole lifestyle focused on self-control and a moderate diet. With Christian asceticism, this moderation was translated into self-denial. The body was considered an obstacle to the upliftment of the soul. According to Dante Alighieri, the sin of gluttony was also one of the seven deadly sins.

In 1474, the Italian humanist Bartolomeo Sacchi, aka Il Platina, wrote the first popular diet book. Advances in printing techniques meant that his on honest indulgence and good health was read throughout Europe, and high society was obsessed with his recommendations concerning the relationship between gastronomic pleasure and health.

The book How to Live a Hundred Years – A Treatise on a Sober Life (1558) by Alvis (Luigi) Corner is still quoted. After realizing the risks he is taking with his indulgent lifestyle, this Venetian aristocrat adopted a gentle diet and lived to see the centenary.

Keto Diet APP with a healthy diet as one of the trends of a healthy lifestyle

Scientific advances, especially in medicine, have led to the discovery of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, etc., and how they have affected the human body. Some diets promote the consumption of specific foods because of nutrients that they may or may not contain. For example, in a gluten-free diet. Other diets include abstinence from certain foods based on ethical principles. Veganism goes far beyond simply refusing to eat any products derived from animals and makes a plant-based diet more like a lifestyle choice.

In any case, it has been a long journey, at the end of which are affordable nutrition counsellors as well as mobile applications for a healthy diet. The task of eating healthy is primarily to introduce healthy recipes to the user and then also to provide information about individual ingredients.

However, if you expect the application Eat Healthy will be some application for anxious people who are afraid to eat a gram of salt and a drop of extra fat, then it will take you crazy very quickly. I was quite surprised when I opened the application and one of the first dishes I came across was a prototype of a classic pub dish – goulash.

Application Keto Diet for Vegans and for Those Who Want to Have Goulash

This calmed me down a lot because I really appreciate a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time, I also mind being too anxious about some foods. I follow the philosophy that if there are quality ingredients if there is quality preparation and if you do not enjoy similar food every day, then it is not possible for it to hurt you. If you start cooking according to quality recipes, you will eventually appreciate that the taste of vegetable or oil-soaked breadcrumbs is simply not as good as the taste of quality meat or vegetables and herbs.

The APP with Healthy and Delicious Recipes/Food

And then you feel much better. It’s so great that the app doesn’t force some extreme diet, but lets you choose. However, if you want a purely vegan diet, then the application also offers this option. Just go to the category section using the menu below, and here you can choose vegetarian or vegan dishes, as well as all dishes in the Lunch and Dinner category, but also categories such as Healthy Sweets, Drinks, Soups, Christmas Recipes, Spread or Gluten Free.

There are no ads in the keto diet app, instead rather product placement, which in my opinion is the better option, compared to some irrelevant advertising, which would further spoil the appearance. Recipes in the application are added editorially – it is not possible for users to add their own. But maybe it’s good in this case as well. Everything has at least a high level of processing. However, if you want to get involved socially, you can still add comments or photos.

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  • The app gives you a choice, it’s not just for people following some extreme nutritional methods.
  • Excellent quality of the overall processing from the GUI to photos for individual dishes.
  • The quality of recipes.
  • Possibility to comment and add photos of your own creations to the given recipes.


  • Maybe nothing.

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