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It seems that fans of IO Interactive’s Hitman can look forward to playing for the third time as everyone’s favourite bald assassin, as rumours about Hitman 3 release date begin to surface. And while the game community has already taken the liberty of dreaming up some of the potential directions in which Agent 47’s next globetrotting murder spree could be made, IO’s interactive all but confirmed that they are currently working on a third (and final) entry.

Here, we ‘re going to cover everything you need to know about Hitman 3 release date, the latest details about the plot and gameplay. Check back as we update this story after any new announcements from IO Interactive.

When will be The Hitman 3 Release Date?

Earlier this week, IO Interactive shared its November content roadmap for Hitman 2 along with casually noting that Hitman 3 is currently under production. The blog post reads, “After 13 months of full-time support and updates for Hitman 2. We ‘re now at a point where we’re gradually looking to the future,” the studio said. “In real terms, we are moving more and more of the Hitman 2 team to join the next Hitman game. Which is well underway.”

This was followed by the release of a new Noclip documentary on the rise and fall of Hitman where IO Interactive CEO and co-founder Hakan Abrak shared some information on the studio ‘s plans for the upcoming series. “World of Assassination, when it’s over, it’s going to be a game with all the locations starting from Paris in Hitman 1 to the last location in Hitman 3. Where it’s 20-plus locations,” Abrak said.

In terms of when players can hope to get their hands on Hitman 3. We ‘re just going to have to be patient with a potential IO interactive update. If we had to speculate on the release dates of the first two games, March 2016 and November 2018 respectively, we could see Hitman 3 released as early as 2021. However, with the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles released in Holiday 2020. The company may decide to speed up the production and release of the new consoles.

What Is The Hitman 3 Story About?

The 2016 reboot of Hitman was mostly successful in presenting fun and exciting version of the series. With Hitman 2, IO interactive continued to improve by creating larger. More immersive maps along with a flexible mission structure that allows players to complete contracts in a variety of different ways. However, the sequel to the gameplay and story structure remained pretty much the same. But it was leading many fans to question whether it was time for IO to try to incorporate new ideas.

The simplest and most visible scope for improvement is the story of Hitman 3 and how it is told. Agent 47’s life-long career as an assassin has led him to acquire his share of enemies, including 47 ‘s favourite rival/ally Diana. The two have gone head-to-head for years, going as far back as Hitman: Blood Money. While they’ve never had a full confrontation, their possible IO will finally make that a reality in the next game.
when will be hitman 3 release date
There is another way to shake the series for the grand finale, which is to take Hitman 3 ‘s theme in a completely new, darker direction. Although there have been contacts in the past, that left players terrified, would it be fascinating to see IO further explore the horror genre by dropping Agent 47 into even more eerie surroundings; maybe a haunted graveyard or an abandoned cabin in the woods?
IO has spent a lot of time developing different ideas for Hitman 3, including its release structure. In the same Noclip documentary, IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak continues to suggest that the studio may revisit Hitman 2016 ‘s third-game episode. Although the sequel entirely broke the format. Because they launching Hitman 3 in separate parts will give fans something to play in the meantime.

What is Hitman 3 Gameplay Like?


Adjusting Hitman 3’s gameplay is a lot riskier. Because as any significant alteration could easily ruin the enjoyment and replayability of the present in the first two games. To keep fans satisfied while still making Hitman 3 feel fresh and exciting. We could see IO simply pick up. That where Hitman 2 left off by introducing even more QoL improvements and exploring new methods of assassination.

An excellent suggestion is to carry out vehicle-based missions; we’ve seen Agent 47 escape through a helicopter many times. But what if he could fly it himself as part of a contract? This could be further extended to include boats, cars, possibly motorcycles. We’ve seen 47 blow-ups of a moving vehicle; now let’s see how things are handled when they’re behind the wheel.

what is hitman 3 release date

Another innovative way to make the third entry stand out is for IO interactive to include not only more locations than previous entries. But also more variety in the world. Lavish penthouses, secret society castles, and fancy parties all serve as big sandboxes to cause chaos. But surely there are other places where you might find a corrupt politician or a shady person in business worth killing.


Also, if Hitman 3 is built for PlayStation 5 / Xbox Scarlett, players can expect much larger maps. That takes advantage of modern hardware and include more options when it comes to stealing masks, hiding bodies, and, of course, killing men. The series has maintained a certain air of seriousness that fans continue to play with. But it would be nice to see IO Interactive celebrate the end of the trilogy by getting a little weird and putting Agent 47 in the wild with some ridiculous weapons;

Something like a flamethrower or rocket launcher does not match up with the Hitman vibe immediately; however, making a bit of modification. Such as limiting it to a certain level or allowing the player to complete several steps before activating the weapon may shake things up. Some of the best moments in the game they come from a complete break in any sense of immersion.

The Last Word on Hitman 3 Release Date

hitman 3 release date

Although it might be interesting to speculate on a variety of specifics about games that have not yet been officially released, IO Interactive is adamant that it has a solid grasp on how they intend to hit the crescendo of the show. Whether that makes a bunch of gameplay changes or just more Hitman. As long as they keep listening to fans and releasing more content. Players will keep tuning for years to come.

So when are you going to start knocking out armed guards with a giant fish? We ‘re going to have to wait and see; therefore, we encourage you to check back for any announcements about Hitman 3 in the future. In the meantime we recommend you to check the best upcoming games of 2020.

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