GTA vice city APK Download full +OBB unlimited money cheat 2021


GTA, or Grand Theft Auto is one of the most addictive games ever created. From graphics and controls to the in-game mechanism, everything is well-designed. A third-person open-world game, a story underlined of a gangster who recently came out from prison walls. Have debt to pay off that he had lost in a bet against powerful mafias in the city. You play the role of that character, beginning with an intensive situation. Complete tasks, earn money, purchase weapons. Don’t take it easy, because the missions are not as easy as you might have taken. Plus the cops are always there pointing at your character. Mistakes means punishment. In this open criminal world, you have full control over your character. Along with completing missions, you can rob citizens, their cars, bikes, and can beat them up with your weapons. During your actions in this game, be sure to watch out for the cops who will arrive soon on the scene.
GTA vice city APK Download
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Now the popular third-person PC game GTA vice city is available for Android. Aim to become the world-known mafia, complete missions, acquire wealth, purchase luxurious clubs and apartments. Dive right into a criminal world. Your options are clear, kill or be killed.

Use an arsenal of weapons, bring up heat into the city. Cook grenades, rocket launchers. Enjoy a thrilling experience of this third-person mobile game. Where the mafia is you, rule over the city by the power of your skilled gaming.

Download now the cheat version of the GTA vice city mobile game. In this Modified version, rare items and many cheat codes are pre-activated.

Technical details

  • App Name: GTA Vice City Apk
  • File Size: 7.60 MB
  • Operating System: Android 4.0 and above
  • Latest Version: v1.09
  • Developer: Rockstar Games
  • Last Updated: February 10, 2019

Gta vice city apk download

One of the most popular games, pictured in 90s graphics but still people never forget the hype created by this game over the years.

First released in the 90s on PCs by rockstar gaming production. Now available on the Android operating system. You can download this game at the Google play store, or you can look the app up on the web. Many popular app stores have a listing for this game.

You will get the same game concept as PC. Though the graphics are not stunning as the PC version yet you get the most out of it even on a mobile device.

The game doesn’t lag at all, running on devices with 2GB of RAM and requiring storage of around 16 GB for an average game play.

Does this game have in it what you may have been expecting? That’s not all. If you have played the original game before, you would be able to enjoy the mobile version of it too.
Here is the normal version of GTA Vice City that we say to be the official version of this game. There are no cheat codes, no special weapons, no extra money, nothing. Grow on your own without cheat codes, enjoy a fair gaming experience.


It is not all of us who want a real Grand Theft Auto version on our mobiles, so here is the modified version of GTA. It already has unlocked cool chests and weapons.

Download this apk if you don’t want the official version. You will save lots of money, cars, cheats codes and several other valuable features that you would have had to buy.

Also, the latest version was tested, everything worked a treat , and we’ve gone through each and every function in an effort to provide you a proper working apk MOD file.

Beyond cheat codes, you can also activate unlimited health on your avatar. So no matter what the circumstances, you will never die in conflict with the mafia or the police.

There is no real risk of hacking associated with this file, trust us we designed this file for YOU. Getting it from other websites can leave you at risk, while you get our version, you can rest assured and be secure when choosing us. Know who you are dealing with, choose the best.

Installing MODs can be a little technical if you are unfamiliar with the procedure. Because, the original app is far simpler and easier to do, you just have to go to an app store, such as the Google play store, and search for the game or app. Click install.

The process to install the MOD GTA APK is somewhat different. Here, we’re going to cover some additional steps to please you. Don’t worry, we’ll also cover additional tips below.

How to install GTA on Mobile devices Android + Iphone

Let’s again mention- People looking for downloading a normal apk, or just normal mobile version Grand theft auto Game.

Head to the top and from there click on the Download button. You will get the APK file installed and there you go. Secondly, the easier way is to download directly from any popular app store.

Taking the MOD version into account- Here is how to do that.


Download the APK file from the above given link. Plus, the OBB MOD file too.


Click to install the GTA apk file once the downloading process is completed.


Don’t open the app because when the apk will be installed. It looks like a game. In reality, it does not work.


To make the app work, go to the file directory and from there. Downloads> Get the OBB file.


OBB file comes up in a .zip format. Using a file extractor (mostly mobile have already) click and extract its files.


Now once the OBB+MOD file has been extracted. Copy that file now.


Paste the copied file Android folder> GTA> com.rockstargames.gtavc (a folder name).


Now you can enjoy the MOD game. Try opening the game now, unlike before it would not get stuck on the loading screen.


Features Gameplay-

The gameplay mechsim is super cool that people from all ages fall for it. Childrens to teenagers, this unique game concept is the best fit for all. So, download now and dive right into a world of fantasies where you control your player’s every action.


Graphics are well designed of this APK game, rest assured on your mobile phone device. However, the least possible graphics are more than enough to leave you amazed!


There is no doubt, it’s definitely an addictive game Mainly for guys who love to play open-world games. And in that category, hardly any game can surpass this GTA vice city within this less specifications.


The controls are also incredibly well made in this game. It is almost exactly like playing on a PC, but more comfortable for mobile devices. Having a beautiful layout makes this app more appealing.

Smooth gaming-

Despite the fact you’ll play it on an average mobile phone with at least 2GB RAM, the gaming experience is still amazing.

A smooth and clear gaming experience. A mobile device with a high apex can make this game even more realistic. Still, it’s old fashioned, and therefore, not really comparable to games like Call of Duty and PUBG as well as other action-packed games.

Final words

In this piece of article, we have given you a way out of playing Grand theft auto on an android device. Including information about how you can install the APK right on your mobile, plus a brief overview and in-game mechanism.

You still have questions? Please post them down so that we can examine them and give you the right answers.

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