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Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad Mod APK will set players on the edge of their seats with endless shooting across space. You'll face many evil enemies and have to confront several striker bosses in galaxy wars with unlimited money and gems.
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Jun 21, 2022
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Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad Mod APK is a shoot-em-up game where players have to take on enemies that appear before their eyes. They will then go through various levels. Each level has its own difficulties, and players can confront the ultimate boss.

In addition, as you progress, you will also receive new planes with impressive capabilities and the ability to compete with other players. It is a game anyone can enjoy.

Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad will be a unique galactic shooting game designed for those who love shooting planes. If games with alien shooting action provide you with great ideas, this game could be an ideal option for you.

falcon squad mod apk new version

In Falcon Squad Mod APK, you are stepping into the game of action shooting like Galaxia, Galaga, Galactica, and Galaxian with entirely different and unique fights. Are you confident that you can survive in the battle of alien shooters?

Falcon Squad Gameplay

A classic space game genre with modernized context, Falcon Squad is easy and simple to play. If you play the game, you’ll be able to control a spaceship. Your goal is to fight various dimensions of space to defeat the cosmic monster destroying space.

The initial level of space is the tamest monsters. Less aggressive; however, the higher the levels of space are, the more dense and more offensive they are.

After eliminating all of them for a while, you’ll take your warship directly to the boss’s lair. Each level has a different boss and has similar characteristics to those of big and wicked. Fierce.

It will take a lot of time to eliminate it. It is constantly launching offensive objects at you, just like its sibling ships or bombs that it comes.

It’s a difficult task to complete; however, after the boss has been destroyed and wiped out, you will be left with several valuable items, including providing you with shotguns, increasing the number of bullets, or the strength to defeat the boss. Shots, bullets, etc.

While traveling through space and destroying the boss to secure all of the galaxy, creatures who are subordinates to it that you kill could also be released from them. Certain things help you to revive. While fighting, enemies escape from the bomb, and you need to be flexible to keep them out of your way and kill as many enemies as possible.

Features of Falcon Squad Mod APK

  1. Incredible graphic: Gorgeous Pixel graphics reminiscent of games from the past.
  2. The most thrilling battles are awaiting the return of a true hero.
  3. Fantastic gameplay: more than 120 levels filled with different enemies.
  4. Different bosses: Naturally, you have to eliminate the minions to get to the boss first.
  5. Unlimited Money and Gems
  6. Other Extra Mode: Enjoy more thrilling space battles in various modes such as PvP Endless, Tournament, or Live Tournament for even more rewards and excitement.
  7. Innovative PvP Battles Take on your colleagues or other players in PVP battles! Compete and be among the top players around the world.
  8. New integration of the operating system Has anyone had the pleasure of playing Shmup (STG) previously? Whatever the case, it is a game that has straightforward controls.

A lot of challenges are formidable

Falcon Squad Mod APK comes with fundamental characteristics. It’s about shooting and loading ammunition. It offers exicitng gameplay inlving  Numerous weapons are easily identified by their color as they fall, such as laser bullets, shots, and bullets.

Everywhere you turn, different kinds of ammunition are used, including ammo bullets or bullets, to the point that the boss is focused on a target and should utilize Laser bullets or Arrows. There’s an arrow that you need to be aware of. It helps increase the number of shots. Five times maximum increase the number of balls if you are attentive offline.

One thing to bear at heart is while monsters from space can be moved between the top and bottom with flapping wings or from the corners on display, your warships will only use one method of moving.

In all instances, it is of maintaining the warship that the ship’s head is towards the front; therefore, be cautious of monsters that don’t move straight, turn or cross since there isn’t enough space if they shoot at a high rate for moving between channels.

Audio and graphics

The graphics in the Falcon Squad Mod APK game don’t have many points; however, the most notable thing is that the game has added a brand new layer to every space filled with different monsters with different shapes, which differ in bullets.

This game requires players to be agile when moving only in an unintentionally slight increase. Explosive, explosive explosions promise to give you hours of fun, and the game requires lots of agility and concentration.


Do you think it is safe to download Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad Mod APK?

If the user downloads the Apk files from our website, we will search for the appropriate APK version for the appropriate APK file on Google Play and let the user download it straight away. The apps and games we upload to our site are safe for users.

Why do you require authorization to run Galaxy Force: Falcon Squad Mod APK?

The app requires a connection to your system running on your device. If you install an app, it will notify you of the necessary permissions for running the application.


There are many modern mobile titles inspired by of classic space shooting games. Among them, Falcon Squad MOD APK is a modified game worth trying. It is perfect if you want to improve your endurance, flexibility, and focus. Download the MOD now and fight for the galaxy!


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