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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is the ultimate DRAGON BALL experience on your mobile device! This DB anime action RPG game features epic 3D visuals and animations to help tell the original story based off the brand-new character designed by Akira Toriyama, the mysterious Saiyan known as Shallot! Join Shallot and the rest of your favorite DRAGON BALL characters to help regain his memory and save the world!
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July 27, 2020
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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS APK is the ultimate DRAGON BALL experience for your android device! This DB anime action RPG game features amazing 3D graphics and animations to help tell the original story of a brand-new character designed by Akira Toriyama, the enigmatic Saiyan known as Shallot! Join Shallot and the rest of your favorite DRAGON BALL characters to help him recover his memory and save the world!

The Real Story

dragon ball legends mod apk

Dragon Ball Legends Apk has a story that sticks to the original edition. We ‘re all too familiar with the exploits of Goku and his friends. Along his journey, the boy (and later growing up after time skips) has faced several tough challenges. Goku and his friends have faced numerous challenges and have saved the world.

For Dragon Ball Legends APK, your childhood memories are going to dig up vigorously. You ‘re going to meet iconic characters like Son Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and other supporting characters. Each of them has its unique tactics. If you protect, you need to pay heed to the strength and lives of the actors.

In particular, you’ll see a mystery character in the video. It may have been a Saiyan with a special hairstyle and arms. Most possibly, he is Yamoshi, the first Saiyan to turn into Super Saiyan. He’s the nation’s supreme myth. Until now, however, there has been no confirmation from Banco regarding this character.

Dragon Ball Legends APK Gameplay

The Roll-Playing game meets DRAGON BALL LEGENDS. During combat, the player must choose his character’s fighting skills to damage the enemy. Each skill the player uses, however, must consume mana, and when this mana source runs out, the player needs to use mana recovery skills or use other support items. Players can carry up to 3 characters each battle and can choose a character to fight.

The character has a limited supply of Energy, and when the strength is exhausted, the character will die. Players can switch to fighting on to other characters. Seek to kill all 3 of the opponent’s team characters to win the game. Overall, this gameplay is very simple. The controller is design-optimized, contains only the skills on the screen, and the player taps the screen to adjust the direction of movement.

Three Game Modes

There are three game modes available to choose from Stories Mode, Adventure Mode, and PvP Mode. In it, Stories Mode will allow you to take part in the “Time Case” and details in the plot I’ve introduced above. The fights are created in the form of puzzles, so you must turn over. PvP Mode, instead of battling AI in Stories Mode, you’ll be playing against other players on the network. Adventure mode, too. It is a favorite mode as it brings in several useful parts, and you can use the tools it mode provides to improve your character.

Dragon Ball Legends APK Characters

dragon ball legends mod apk

DRAGON BALL LEGEND’S character design is original in the original book. Son Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, Nappa, number 17, and several other characters can be found here. The game also features three characters of the future: “Shallot,” “Zahha” and “Giblet”

Shallot is the main character in this game, he’s Saiyan, and he has a fighting hobby against stronger people in his race. “Zahha” is a minor character and will only appear in Stories Mode. He is an unknown race, and the first Shallot member to enter. Giblet is the twin brother of Shallot, and also a character that appears only in Stories Mode. Besides owning the character, the player will also have to battle Giblet as the Boss in chapters 2 and 3.

Dragon Ball Legends APK Graphics and Effects

dragon ball legends mod apk

Bandai Namco is one of the game developers renowned for a walk of life graphics. The graphics are perhaps the most important aspect of this title, with Dragon Ball Legends. When you play this game, it feels like you’re watching a cartoon movie. The moves are very fast, and the characters, like the original film, are very vibrant.

As for the audio, it’s all well invested and meticulous. The personages have common lines. The way the characters are voiced programmable is very similar to the circumstances of the actual storyline. Legendary words aren’t any different from what we see in anime or manga.

Dragon Ball Legends APK Features

Achieve Lockable Characters

Whether it’s comics, anime, or video games in all of the original iterations of Dragon Ball, it won’t be surprising not to see new characters with special powers regularly. They still turn up in the twists of plots. Dragon Ball Legends is no exception as it offers players an increasing list of characters for practice and combat to unlock.

And sadly, the figures you like can’t just be accessed by daily trading. Often, you’ll need a lot of luck or even have a lot of tasks to complete to earn the reward of the character you want.

Summon System

This system is your primary means of getting new characters. The players are expected to use Chrono Crystals, a high-end currency in Dragon Ball Legends, to get some of the game’s desirable characters.

Though you can also disregard characters that you already own, they will be useful later when upgrading existing characters to Z Energy. Besides, by completing story events, you can unlock new characters too.

Usually, these time-limited tasks reward an inconsiderable amount of Z Power to a specific figure relating to the event when you complete the first mission or the quest for the event. Normally such tasks are easy, for example battling with a particular character ten times. So be sure you review the daily tasks regularly and try to get as much as you can to the influential figures.

Character Functions

Most characters in the real manga prefer to do the fighting or practice to increase their strength. So, in Dragon Ball Legends, there are several ways to boost the strength of your chosen characters. Let’s look at the essential characteristics of each.

Story EXP

Story EXP is the easiest way of boosting power. Every animated character in your squad will earn experience points (EXP) when every story stage or event is completed. These activities can be carried out before the Energy expires.

EXP Training

In addition to Story EXP, you can also use Training Weights to balance out the amount of EXP you can get. There’s even an option to Time Limit, but that function has yet to appear.

Denote that the training characters may still participate in the battles. So, in the middle of the game, you do not need to worry too much about losing your most powerful warriors.

Limit Breaks

To increase the overall power of a character, you can use Limit Breaks to get Z Power from Summons, or plot rewards.

Soul Boost

You can also upgrade your figures to the Soul Boost board by activating new Boost Tables. Only by completing chapters in the plot, users can unlock new Boost Panels with Zeni and Soul. For Soul in Exchange Store, there are Rare exchange Medals (received from quests and complete the full story challenge).

Dragon Ball Legends APK 2.9.0 (Super Version)

You are now ready to download dragon ball legends apk for free on our site gamestea.com. Just install it on your android and discover a new world of action.

What's new

【Update Contents】
- Decreased battle load time.
- Decreased time between opening the app and arriving at the title screen.
- Added a function where players can consecutively repeat Adventures.
- Adjusted matching for Rating Matches to better evenly pair players.
- Adjusted other parts of the UI.

【Issues Fixed】
- Fixed various bugs
* Check the in-game News for more information.



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