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Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more.
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April 17, 2020
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Clash Royale APK – Another Supercell Studio tower defense title. The game has no resemblance to Clash of Clans, so you need to learn a new combat system for that. You need to upgrade the tower and pick a deck of cards to fight the enemy. You can get a victory if you consider yourself more powerful, or you have your tactics.

Story of Clash Royale APK

Inspired by Clash of Clan’s greatest strategy of all time, Clash Royale APK enables players to take control of the most loved Clan in the entire franchise on a thrilling journey to boost their military and economic power.

Recruit your favorite Royales characters like the Queen, the Knight, the Dragons, and many more to help you battle your enemies. Live uncountable hours of gaming with Clash Royale.


Best card strategy game

Gamers use the money in the game to create empires over the game system, and, besides, they can use cash to purchase other things in the game. But the manufacturer has proposed creating in-game account security transactions to prevent unnecessary losses. And the graphics are designed to be identical to the Clash of Clan, but you won’t know the Clash Royale. You’ll always be enjoying adorable characters.

Clash Royale is just as popular as the same-genre twins. The game has hundreds of millions of downloads from app stores and is highly valued by gamers (4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Pay) due to the fun and quick way to get into the game. Therefore, the setup of the game does not require too much so that players can play at any time, and there is internet access anywhere. The game is going to be involving distributors and constantly updated, and you need reliable internet to be able to track what is happening in this lively community very quickly.

Collect and Upgrade the Cards and Everything

About the character in the game, this game lifted the royal when the previous game had just stopped at Clan. That will be the king’s latest royal figures, queen, knight,… Appear here in the video. In addition to the attractive and recognizable abilities, they will this time hold a significant role in each of the parts they are directing if staff shortages in any place trigger the royal imbalance.

You can also meet your favorite characters like Clash of Clan. Hero card set can create an army, possessing strong capabilities. Coordinating them together can build the perfect strength, so don’t focus too much on one item and forget the other. Furthermore, to improve your empire as well as your army, you must leverage capital. You can face several enemies of low to high strength as the arena progresses, so always trying to make more strong characters and upgrading them is always a concern.

Real-time multiplayer matches

The best thing in Clash Royale is that you can contest multiplayer matches with players from all over the world. You are using all the cards and things in your hands well to win over your enemies. You’ll win amazing loots and awards that will help your ranks increase. The higher you climb, the more prizes you’ll get, irrespective of the match results. Nonetheless, when dealing with a tough opponent, you should be vigilant, because they will do anything to hinder your advancement.

Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!

The first game to play, the traditional style where you’re going to have to send troops to other locations to control the resources. New to this game, players are going to have to reach a real arena, faced with a player full of strength and abilities is no less than you are. Every castle will have a King and a Princess so you’ll have to invade the city and then take the Crown to destroy those two important characters. But achieving a critical position isn’t easy. They’ll run the army to stop the player from coming continuously; if you’ve overlooked, the king on his side is quick to destroy as well.

Earn valuable chest from missions and challenges

At Clash Royale, players will have their chances of winning valuable chests by completing their regular tasks and challenges. Like most of them created randomly, each will contain a different kind of reward. You can either get awesome cards and products or just win a few pennies for yourself. Nevertheless, you should always reach for these boxes, because who knows the prizes that are hidden inside.

Fight against friends and all around the world

you can also play with your children, besides playing alone. Besides, you can help in dual-mode, as well as share the joy. You’re going to learn a lot from your mates, and the game is going to be funnier than you thought. You may also join the guild were heroes or support from others like building your empire, inquiring about new heroes in the game, or how. Making the most of its features and strengths. All will get addressed. You and the others must set up their alliance to combat the common enemy.

The developer is also focused on supporting the player through the news channel in-game – TV Royale, where you can see fights in the game from other players, and you can gain some feedback from the game. You can also monitor streamers who played this game on their channel if interested. Without a doubt, these videos would give you a lot of useful knowledge to put into action.

Battle your opponents to win crowns

You’ll have to deal with hundreds of different levels in your single-player game, each of them being more challenging than the previous one. Nonetheless, you will be rewarded with the precious Crowns that are used to open the Crown he ‘st when you complete the levels. Within, you’ll find important prizes you can only dream of.

Follow the long and exciting campaign.

The game features hundreds of different levels, along with an exciting campaign. You’re going to have to start from below and earn your way through the top by battling hard enemies. Nevertheless, the rewards would be much more valuable when you reach higher levels, too.

Join clans or form your own

You may join clans, or form your Clan to help create a healthy culture. It will give players the options of sharing the information, helping each other during a case, and so on. Besides that, it might be very useful to have a clan because you can easily exchange your products with others like chests and cards.

Construct your battle deck to defense against the enemy’s attacks

You will also become the object of your hungry enemies, with all the precious loots and possessions. They are going to do their hardest to knock your foundation down and strip your land away. And make sure you have good security to deal with those assaults that are unavoidable.

Watch pro players duel.

Supercell also provides the TV Royal service, which allows Clash Royale players to enjoy live matches between the best players to help online players develop their skills faster. Therefore, you can read about their plan, team dynamics, etc. Getting you out on your trip would be very beneficial. Also, you can access the TV Royal anytime, anywhere, a secure internet connection is the only thing that is needed.

Free to play

Another fun thing that we’re sure many of you would love about the game is that playing is completely safe. As a result, players can quickly download the game to their computers and install it without having to pay anything.

The game still consists of a few in-app purchases, however, which may affect your experiences. Yet you shouldn’t think too much because there are other ways to produce certain products without charging for them. Then, to make up for it, you should spend more time performing competitions.

Clash Royale APK Graphics

The game features basic cartoon art and fun graphics appropriate for individuals of all ages. — the map is built with 3D graphics also, which makes the levels more captivating. You can quickly immerse yourself in Clash Royal’s interminable combat.

According to some limitation on Google Play, however, the game is only available to children aged 13 and above. Mostly because of some graphics with mild brutality.

Clash Royale APK Sound and Music

As you play the game, you will find that getting yourself absorbed in the actions is relatively straightforward. Clash Royale APK features realistic and funky sound effects that make you feel like you’re a real fighter without going through a lot of action.

The Last Word

You will consider Clash Royale APK’s appeal certainly from the article above. With fun and addictive gameplay, Clash Royale is, without a doubt, another great title from the popular Supercell. Just download it from gamestea to enjoy a new world of the Clan and take benefit from that consistent gameplay and relaxing experiences.

What's new

• Various minor bug fixes and improvements



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