Can I delete apk files? Complete Step By Step Guide 2021

Can I delete apk files
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Can I delete apk files? After installing an APK on an android mobile device. You can find a file .apk located on your mobile directory, eating resources and covering storage.

So, the concern is, what will happen if you delete that file? Will the app work fine or it would get deleted too?

The answer is, as long you only delete the .apk file from your android mobile directory. Nothing to worry about as .apk files work as installers. Once you install a program through an apk file. The program creates a copy of that program on a device. That is independent.

The .apk file itself becomes independent. You can delete it after installing it. It would not delete the real program. Neither will have any impact on the app nor will the app get uninstalled. On that basis, it’s safe to delete an apk file.

However, you’ll not be able to reinstall the program later after deleting a .apk file.

Should I delete apk files?

It depends on your mobile storage. Mobile with lower storage often becomes laggy as apk files put load because they need a certain amount of storage. It’s not really needed to keep apk files stored on your mobile device if and only if you don’t want to re-install them.

However, if the storage is not a problem. Keeping an apk file stored on mobile devices is not a problem at all. Plus, you can re-install them whenever you want and can share them with friends using Bluetooth.

Besides storage, generally after installing an apk file, there is no essential need to keep it stored on a device. You can delete it without any bad concerns. Unless you think you will not be able to find that apk again over the internet or something if the apk file is very important for you to save it for years. Then, it makes sense you keep it.

Deleting an apk file vs uninstalling an app?

Apk stands for the android kit package. This means it is a package that contains all files of a program to be executed. Therefore, you can delete it once the program has been installed.

Whereas, uninstalling an app from a mobile device is different. An uninstalled app will no longer show up on a mobile, so you will not be able to use it.

For example, let’s say you have the MX player apk downloaded on your mobile phone. After installing it, it will be self-copied itself and turn into a program which we called an installed app. Onwards, you can either delete the .apk file or keep it stored for the future.

Do APK files harm your device? Should you delete them?

Apk files may have viruses. People with bad intentions often create MOD apks and put them on their websites, when users install this apk. They might become victims of those evil-minded people.

Always download apk files from an authentic source/website. See reviews first before trusting and downloading apk files from there.

Mostly MOD apks have viruses. As people modify an apk and put some unethical codes that work as a trap for them. And for users, MOD apks are like fruits as they offer premium features for free. In the end, they regret it when they lose their personal information.

In a general point of view, we all know nothing is free in this world. One has to pay for it, either it’s money or you may become a victim, letting hackers get into your mobile and later you will regret it more.

Anyways, not all of the apk downloading websites are bad. Some have great resources, are virus-free, and had no issues over the years. You just need to find out about those websites by putting some effort into research.

In case, you’ve already downloaded an apk file. You doubt it can harm your device. It’s better to delete it as soon as possible. Also, uninstall the program before it gets too late.

What is the difference between an app and an APK?

The difference between an app and an apk file is clear.

Apk files contain a specific program that needs to be installed in order to run it or use it on a mobile device. When you click on it to open it up, it will ask you to install it on your mobile device.

On the other hand, apps are something that is directly installed on a mobile device. It could be android apps, ios apps, and others. These programs directly run onto a mobile. Popular app stores have such kinds of apps listed over there. When a user clicks on it, it will directly start to be installed.

Furthermore, apps downloaded from stores don’t bring up their apk files. Hence, you cannot get their apk files. This means you have to visit different websites that offer .apk files.


There is no relation between an apk and an app. If you’ve installed an app using an apk file. You can now delete that apk file, the app will run as usual. As said earlier, apk files are just installers. Once the installation process gets completed, they are no longer in contact with the app. Still, you may need that file for reinstalling again if this happens by chance. Otherwise, an apk file will be treated as a useless thing on your mobile covering some space.

Important point- you should take in there. Don’t download apk files from inauthentic websites it may contain some type of virus that can harm your mobile device.

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