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Top 5 Best Portable Gaming Monitor To Buy in 2020

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Would you like to make your gaming experience even more satisfying? The best portable gaming monitor can help make gaming truly immersive, no matter where you decide to play.

Portable gaming monitors are still a new kind of thing; only a limited number of manufacturers are putting serious effort into making them, and a significant portion of those that do exist are cheap international knock-offs of extremely questionable quality.

Portable monitors are super different from traditional desktop monitors, mainly when used for gaming. We would like to stress that it’s only been a few years since such a thing as a portable gaming monitor could even exist; that particular form of technology still has a lot to do.

Don’t expect 18 hours of battery life and 1ms of response times, even in the highest-end models. Bear in mind that the main draw here is that they are portable — you have to give up a lot of what has become standard on desktop monitors to do that, so keep your expectations modest.

What To Look In Best Portable Gaming Monitor?

The games have missions in the daytime and darker settings. For example, if you play Call of Duty, it has a lot of day missions or plays resident evil 6-night tasks that require high resolution to provide good quality of the environment and hassle-free gaming experience. But before you buy the dim and brightening resolution test details and buy the one with the most price and resolution.

The scale of a gaming console is a critical component of improving the gaming experience. The size of the portable display is typically 15.6 inches, which is about the same size as the laptop computer. But the more convenient the term comes in handy when choosing the appropriate size, you should employ it as 17.6 inches as much as possible. When purchasing a portable screen, make sure the monitor is compatible with your system and software compatibility.

1. Asus ZenScreen MB16AC – High Resolution with Lite Weight

best portable gaming monitor

Being a gamer when I picked up this USB portable display, I thought I found a giant as it was, and it attracted me with its lovely nature. When we checked it in our lab for the features that it claims to deliver. The findings are very consistent with the statements made by Asus. The low brightness on the screen display is one thing that is important to mention. The overall performance is excellent and smooth on any task with a sleek and stylish design. Due to the exaggerated flow of new brands and devices, the best portable gaming monitors are hard to find. But we made it easy for you to put ourselves in a difficult time. To set up a multi-screen with your laptop or PC to get a larger, faster view, here we support you.


  • Display Size: 15.6-Inch
  • Resolutions: 1920 x 1080p FHD IPS
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Connectivity: Type-C USB
  • Eye-Care Technology: TUV certified
  • Weight: 1.72-pound
  • Dimension: 8.9 x 0.3 x 14.2 inches


If you look around, Asus has made a name for itself in the manufacture of electronic devices. And all the goods are very good with success due to their high quality. ZenScreen MB16AC is a stylish concept created by the company. Due to its slim and elegant nature, it’s easy to carry while you’re on the road. Travelers would love to get this convenient tool set up for an extra computer.

Mainly the design is similar to the Asus ZenBook of some of the company’s premium laptops. You ‘d see a reflection of color combinations and style while looking at it with a focus. They ‘re slim like this sleek USB portable computer. The magnetic screen protector is great, and it has the folding capacity of the stand to make it more versatile and stylish.

Asus ZenScreen offers a scale of 14.16 x 8.91 x 0.31 inches and a weight of 800 grams. Ok, I think the first time you heard that you’d probably say, it sounds big and heavy. But for the sake of clarity, it also offers a slim body that is quite easy to carry during travel. This is why it is a regular computer for efficient and gaming purposes. The bezel around this display panel is thin enough to fit a 15.6-inch board that is a deal maker.

You ‘d consider the bottom bezel a little wider to make a spot for three buttons on board with different functions. Of these three buttons, the two are dedicated to navigation on the screen and to set up the blue light, while the other is for control. You’ll be glad to learn that there’s a single USB port on it that allows you to power up and view up to 1080 pixels.


Portability is what we’re looking for, if we pay a high price to get a computer and don’t expect it, it will be incorrect. Asus ZenScreen MB16AC is a portable USB display where a single USB port provides high-resolution picture quality to your games and successful tasks. The USB will also power up the screen to make it possible to provide you with a visual image. The concept is based on Asus Zenbook laptops, as you can notice the resemblance.

It comes with the IPS pad, accommodating the screen and giving a great performance. The pixel density is very high, with 1080 pixels per inch, providing excellent performance. It’s compatible with your laptop and desktop and gives you the ability to create icons and text as well. The power-saving capabilities of this portable gaming display are excellent as they offer low screen brightness. It doesn’t deliver a touch screen, and you can also display it from any angle.

Bottom Line

If you’re a dedicated player, you ‘re also a traveler looking for an extra screen to watch a game or a movie on the go. You will go along with this as recommended for gaming and watching videos or movies. It has the power to show you what you want from the best portable monitors. Compatibility with a low-bright screen laptop will save power to extend the battery life and give you real fun. It is an intense and long-lasting product on the market.

Mini Verdict

One of the most stunning portable gaming monitors on the Asus list. It offers a lot of features, but the price tag is high.

  • Portable and attractive design
  • Great image quality
  • USB-C connectivity
  • It would hurt your pocket
  • Brightness offers low capacity

2. GAEMS M240 – Large Display Portable Gaming Monitor

Gaming anticipation on a 24-inch wider screen compared to other handheld gaming consoles is unbeatable. While it’s a little larger than the others, it’s worth showing that its features are larger to give you a rich show experience. The show is a bit dim, but it’s not a deal-breaker, as it provides a lot of other features that make it stand in the front line with other major giants. Let us explore its output and features to learn what it’s offering.


  • Display Size: 24-inch
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p, TN-Panel FHD LED
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Connectivity: 1 HDMI output and 2x HDMI input
  • Weight: 8-pound
  • Viewing angle: Ergonomic adjustable angle
  • Dimensions: 20 x 6.8 x 15 inches


The M240 offers a 24-inch TN-Panel display panel with a stunning build. A big, high-resolution portable display screen would appeal to you to play high-definition games on it. The style is lovely, with two narrow wings on the right and left, and a flat bezel on the top and bottom.

There is no need to think about the marks on the device as it travels from one location to another. Why? Why? And you’d have an onboard screen protector that’s made of plastic. This will heal the marks, and the glass will stay scratchless. Sounds fine, huh? Oh, well, with a larger screen, you ‘re getting a good protector.

You ‘d love to hear that this portable gaming console is selling a kit stand. The stand is adjustable and can be rotated to one-eighty degrees. Like you would have a portable screen that would allow you to rotate as per your seating arrangements.

Features And Performance

A great aspect of the reviews, where I want to discuss the key features the company provides. Let’s speak about the features and output of the M240. You should know that the monitor is coming in a 1920 x 1080-PPI (Pixels Per Inch) TN-Panel display on a 24-inch screen. It’s a lag-free virtual gaming experience display that I’ve ever tried. If you’re a professional gamer, you ‘d love what I said. Yeah, it’s a full professional portable gaming monitor that would excite your gaming results.

Do you have a gaming console, I ‘m talking about PlayStation 4 and Xbox, anybody? You ‘d like to hear that it’s compatible with PS4 and Xbox. Does that sound surprising? A larger HD LED screen for your gaming, the happiness doubles here. The dynamic playback soundtrack of the game is supported by the Dynamic Sound Stage Technology. It offers four speakers and a passive subwoofer to improve the gaming sound.

Multi-connection functionality is also worth noting here, as it has two mini HDMI ports (dedicated input) for multi-connectivity. You can connect two consoles to this portable gaming HDMI display at the same time for more efficient fun. It also provides one output HDMI port.

Bottom Line

It is highly recommended for ardent gaming junkies due to its professional make-up and high-quality results. You’ll undoubtedly comment on this gaming nerd once you encounter it. It wouldn’t beat you with the new high-definition games. Multi-connectivity features allow you to work productively on editing images or videos. Have a lag-free, stable portable HDMI display for gaming and other tasks.

Mini Verdict

A fantastic free lag artist by GAEMS. M240 is a portable gaming console with a professional viewing experience.

  • Ultra gaming experience on a large screen
  • HD Display with HDMI connectivity
  • TN panel for screen placement
  • Audio Jack
  • Built-in chamber speakers with subwoofer
  • Low brightness
  • USB ports are missing

3. Hori Universal HD – Valuable Portable Gaming Monitor

best portable gaming monitor to buy in 2020

A great value due to the universal compatibility features of many consoles, including PS4, give you super cool gaming fun. If you have a computer that has an HDMI port, you can connect it to this portable gaming display. It’s pretty cool to have a portable screen where you can connect to any device. It sounds low when you’ve traveled to a location where you have a console or a Laptop, but you don’t have a computer. The simple carrying of this portable monitor will solve this problem and give you the company a real blowjob on your journey.


  • Resolution: 1366 x 768p The best focus 720p, LCD Screen
  • Display Size: 15-inch
  • Connectivity: HDMI
  • Power: AC adaptor
  • Weight: 2.78-pound
  • Display Length: 193.8 mm
  • Display Width: 344.7 mm


Let us speak about the construction of these best portable PS4 monitors and other gaming consoles. If you have a laptop bag, this slim panel can now also be accommodated, so there’s no need to think about its weight. The addition of 2.78-pound weight along with your laptop, does not make you feel heavy at all.

You ‘d love to learn that the 15.6-inch LCD monitor has a smooth, elegant design with 1366 x 768-pixel resolution features. I set it to 1080 pixels to check the display value of this system. It was a poor experience, and because of its sleek and slim nature, I wish it could have a good display on 1080 pixels. The best results can be obtained on 720 pixels, and the focus will be diverted by this resolution setup.


Ok, as I explained, the resolution set up on 720 pixels has an excellent visual impact. So, keeping the same configuration, you can connect it to any console like PS3, Xbox, 360 and x1 or your PC rig to expand the screen for gaming purposes. It would give you a super dynamic picture quality with no interference.

The efficiency check cleared with smooth streaming without any lag disturbance. I tried it on the PS4 with a solid metal gear. Metal gear solid is my all-time favorite game for excellent viewing graphics and strategic replay. If you don’t know about how to link a monitor to a laptop? “Hori Universal HD offers a solution for all devices with an HDMI port.

Bottom Line

People who want to have a portable screen with no compatibility issues and also offer gaming features, They would like to have Hori Universal HD as it has the reliability and ability to connect to any HDMI support system. Gaming on this screen has a taste of its own; the person who already uses it should know what I mean by his taste—a robust gaming console, fully compact and ready for action and movement.

Mini Verdict

Another portable PS4 display, you should know that the incompatibility of this single gaming console is not limited. It’s easy to connect to most consoles to experience an HD display.

  • Slim design
  • Best portable gaming monitor for PS4
  • Incredibly great in performance
  • Compatible with various consoles
  • Ditched on batteries as you can not recharge
  • Poor audio sound

4. G-Story 13.3″ HDR – High-Resolution Portable Gaming Monitor

While unwrapping the box in the first look, I was shocked to see the uniquely packed device. If you want a FreeSync technology with a WQHD display for your gaming experience, please read the thorough analysis of this portable gaming monitor for PS4 and other HDMI compatible computers. Have a reliable plug and play gaming experience with it. G-Story is a legend when it comes to screen choices.


  • Display Size: 13.3-inch
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels real visual experience WQHD 2K
  • Weight: 4.85 pounds
  • Connectivity: HDMI/USB Type-C
  • Dimensions: 19.9 x 17.7 x 6.9 inches


The main purpose of this article is to pick up a gaming monitor that could help you in any gaming mode. G-Story has the ability, which is why we selected it, checked it, and reviewed it. The architecture is dedicated to the gaming experience of FTS and FPS, which means support for any gaming mode.

If you see the HDR pattern installation on this best portable gaming monitor, this feature offers a lot. As the HDR will render the dark areas soft and the same is the case with the brighter areas on the visual picture. An eye-care software is also on board to block the blue light to protect the eyes from long gaming durations.


HDR gaming experience with no time lag, what else a gamer wants. High-resolution display of 2560 x 1440 pixels, measuring 13.3 inches and providing a 16:9 aspect ratio of sharpness. Multiple interface choices are perfect for eye-care and FreeSync apps.

The networking features of the HDMI and USB type-c ports are fantastic. It makes the display compatible with all HDMI devices. You’d be shocked to learn that this portable gaming console can now be connected to your smartphone for the gaming experience.

Bottom Line

It’s either your HDMI support PC system, or your tablet, or even your gaming phone, which is compatible with both of them. Sounds great, huh? This is the actual catch on this portable gaming monitor to give you a range of networking and gaming experience choices on several computers and consoles.

Mini Verdict

Play your mobile game on a large screen or attach an extra screen to your laptop to enjoy gaming with G-Story. USB Type-C and dual HDMI make it an ultra-portable and robust gaming display with WQHD resolution capability.

  • Compact package of portability
  • HDMI cum USB connectivity
  • High-resolution display features
  • VGA is missing on it

5. GAEMS Vanguard – Best Portable Gaming Monitor

Ok, if you need a gaming screen that suits all the consoles, you can go for this one. Why? Why? The response to this is why comprehensive details on this portable gaming display will be discussed in this article. It is compatible with the full range of Xbox game consoles, PS3 and PS4. So, get a portable PS4 gaming display and your other gaming consoles.


  • Display Size: 19-Inch EL-LED Screen
  • Resolutions: 720p and 1080p FHD
  • Connectivity: HDMI
  • Technology: TSA Friendly
  • Weight: 8-pound
  • Dimension: 19.75 W x 7 D x 16.75 H inches


Vanguard is offering a trendy style in a PGE sling bag. It provides HDMI connectivity and remote PGE on-screen LED light along with an accessory pack. Total custom-built with options to disable the center badge. Now have a gaming screen that can turn any room into your gaming environment.

Along with the elegance of the build, the metal coned speaker chamber is lovely to give you an excellent sound to play your games. You have the dual audio jack option choice to mount gaming headphones set to make it more personalized.


Immersive gaming experience with a computer resolution configuration of 720 pixels (1080 pixels scale). A fantastic producer of playing sports, even if you’re traveling or waiting for your flight to the airport. Vanguard would never let you down anywhere. The El-LED backlight screen is nice to note here, along with the support for almost all gaming consoles.

It provides a PGE sling with PGE remote, making it secure for traveling with you. The kit also offers easy-to-use HDMI cable, adapter, and TSA features.

Bottom Line

Regular tourers with a taste of gaming on the go will love to make a customized gaming spot anywhere on the go. This is an entirely compact kit with compatibility features for connecting to PS3, PS4, and all Xbox games. So, what do you think if it suits your taste and your priorities? Just get it, pop it up, play on a ready-made plug, and enjoy the gaming replay video.

Mini Verdict

GAEMS is popular with gaming screens, this one suits all consoles and gives a great experience. Bring the game to a new level. It comes with a sling pack to make it easy to wear.

  • Suitable screen size
  • Decent sound speakers
  • A durable casing
  • Hardly reaches 1080 pixels

The Last Word On Best The Portable Gaming Monitor

A decent portable monitor has a range of benefits, not just for gamers who are looking for a better view on the go. A portable monitor can be used as a temporary or permanent second monitor for research, and can also be used for presentations and exhibitions. A portable gaming monitor is easy to transport, versatile, easy to store, and carry with you, and these monitors are generally cheaper than regular monitors. If you want to buy a regular gaming monitor in the best budget, then you can look at the best gaming monitor under $150.

You can take your monitor with you while you’re traveling, store it when it’s not in use, and use it as a larger display for your phone, tablet, or as an external monitor for your laptop.

The market for portable gaming monitors is still tiny and quiet, but as technology advances and our lives become progressively mobile, there will undoubtedly be more such monitors to choose from before long. In the meantime, we ‘re pretty sure that at least one of the five we’ve selected here is going to be a perfect fit for you. You may also like other gaming accessories buying guide at

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