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Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs For Back Pain To Buy In 2020

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Are you trying to find the best gaming chairs for back pain?

Then you’re in the right place because I have done the smart work for you. I have reviewed dozens of models and make the selection of these rare models for you.

To be sure, gaming chairs can look a little over-the-top with their racing seat designs, but the best can offer good back support and help you maintain your posture even when you sit at the desk for hours of work or play. If you’ve spent hours, and thousands of dollars, picking up every part of an intense gaming Desktop design, you can give just as much thought to your choice of chair.

Lumbar support is critical when it comes to designing seats. The best chairs have built-in support that helps the body maintain an ideal posture, but others come with lumbar support pillows that can also function well. Multi-adjustable armrests, upholstery, and general design are also essential. Some chairs are very flashy racing-style seats, and others are more subtle, but all on this list is recommended for your computer gaming set-up.

What are the advantages of using a gaming chair?

Enhancement in health and posture

If you’ve been using a standard gaming chair, you’re more than likely to find that your back starts to hurt after a long gaming session. The gaming chair is built specifically for this purpose and is thus contoured to protect the spine and hold the back straight. Gaming chairs for back pain can also help alleviate sore neck muscles and avoid discomfort or issues in the back. Most gaming chairs are built to maintain good posture while preserving comfort, so if you are a player who leans forward during gaming sessions, this will be very helpful to you.

Offering comfort and a better gaming experience

Any chair providing good support will provide great support for the back area, but what about the other areas of the body that experience exhaustion or discomfort after long periods of use? For example, the feet, wrists, and shoulders are stressful to gamers as their bodies are engaged in active and reactive movements. If you play like a first-person shooter, you will need additional wrist support, because your hands will be stressed out. If you enjoy racing cars, you can benefit from foot pedals, or leg rests, providing driving support. Gaming chairs for back pain present with all of these features that allow you to be comfortable while concentrating on the game.

Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain

Here are the top 5 best gaming chairs for back pain that we have collected after a long time of hard work. We have selected these chairs by looking at overall features and specs.

Homall Best Gaming Chair For Back Pain

best gaming chairs for lower back pain

This ergonomic gaming chair with a back pillow helps you to swivel on the floor without any hassle. Most importantly, it puts your upper body in a proper position, so you don’t strain your spine, lumbar region, and upper back.


Here are the features that make it the absolute best purchase:

  • It has a thick, padded seat covered in PU leather
  • 5-Wheel casters with protective rubber cover to avoid scratching of the floor
  • It features a sturdy steel frame that extends its lifespan.
  • Thick, high-density foam seat
  • Using an explosion-proof gas lift class-3
  • Maximum protection for the head and upper body
  • Really easy to sit on your chair.
  • Simple to bring together
  • Many shades do not have adjustable armrests.
  • A bit of a wobbly

Furmax Executive Racing Office Chair

If you are a shorter person or have a shorter torso and a more extended backrest is too awkward for you, this furmax gaming chair is perfect for use.


You’ll get these fun features while saving some cash at the same time:

  • The cover is made of wear-resistant PU leather with a breathable middle mesh fabric.
  • Caster is made of 5-star, 360-degree swivel wheels.
  • Simple pull in and out of the reclining mechanism
  • Adjustable versatility of the seat
  • Highlights arched armrest
  • Backed up with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Respirable mesh cover
  • Arched Armrest
  • Strong support for lumbar
  • Does not lock in a reclined position
  • Some of the bolts are a pain to work with

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs for upper back pain

This all-in-one gaming chair with armrests and footrest massages your back and lets you rest your foot as you play games. It practically gives you double warmth, if not more. It might be priced higher than anything on this list, but it’s not as pricey as when you buy a complete massage chair.


Here are some selective features of this ergonomic chair:

  • It’s a PU leather chair.
  • This comes with a lumbar cushion, a neck cushion, and a retractable footrest.
  • The lumbar pillow has two types of massage.
  • Uses a Gas Spring-certified SGS
  • Swivel at 360-degree
  • Adjustable broad and thick armrests
  • High Voltage Power
  • Modes of massage
  • Thick mattress
  • The awesome part of the leg that sticks out
  • Sort of hard to bring together
  • Massage is cheap and it’s loud.

GT RACING Gaming Office Chair Game

Sitting on this gaming chair looks like you’re driving a race car. Level up your games with a confident body with lovely features and hard-wearing quality. It is also one of the best gaming chairs for lower back pain.


Here are some top features of this reliable gaming chair one of the best gaming chairs for back pain:

  • Strong metal frame with long-lasting support
  • Easy to clean synthetic leather
  • Removable mattress headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Adjustable backrest and armrest
  • 5-point foundation smooth sliding casters
  • Easy rocking system;
  • Quick right-hand lever for reclining
  • Accessible price for a Gaming Office Chair
  • Function Rocking
  • The adjustability of high range
  • Takes a while to get together
  • No arm padding rests

Essentials Gaming Chair ESS-3085

best gaming chairs for back and neck pain


Each part of this seat is cushioned, making it a very comfortable place to spend your time. It’s the second cheapest item on this list.


This gaming chair has cool qualities like:

  • SoftThread upholstery of leather
  • Inhalable colored mesh cover
  • Body-shaped segmented padding
  • Reliable roll of caster
  • Effortless tilting and swivel motion
  • 7 options for color
  • Flip-up of weapons
  • Segmented easy padding
  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Robust
  • Not for tall people

What To Look For In The Best Gaming Chairs For Back Pain

Buying a high-quality gaming chair will take your sitting experience to a higher level. The best chairs come with innovative features that will make you sit down for hours without getting tired.

Extended comfort is a top priority. You won’t have to get up every 20 minutes in a decent gaming chair to stretch your sore back.

This segment discusses what features to look for while shopping for a gaming chair.

Price Has a Little But Great Impact

Cheap and luxurious gaming chairs help good posture. If you only use a gaming chair a couple of hours a day, a cheap chair can do the job. Power users who stay in full time will do well to pay more.

This is because the best gaming chairs for back pain come with superior upholstery and functionality. When you sit more than six hours a day, you will begin to feel the difference.

Added features on expensive chairs will give you more adjustment options. This allows you to position your body perfectly to your desktop and your computer screen.

You get a less precise match with cheaper seats. Sitting full-time, you can develop minor aches due to imperfect alignment. The chair will begin to get rough, and the padding will flatten.

Price is also a consideration depending on how you decide to use your gaming chair. If you just intend to use it for a few hours a day, a low-cost gaming chair will hold up well.

If you need a full-time work chair or a gaming chair, invest more. Superior designs and upholstery on luxurious chairs are going to suit you well.

Size Of The Gaming Chairs For Back Pain Matters

best gaming chairs for back problems

When choosing a gaming chair, it ‘s essential to select the size that suits your body type. Backrest height is used to assess where the neck pillow falls. If you pick a chair that is too tall, you can not get the proper support from the cushions.

Choosing the right size chair also means that you can place your feet firmly to the table. This helps to compensate for body weight by spreading it uniformly over the surface of the seat.

Adjustable armrests Are The Main Thing To Look In Gaming Chairs For Back Pain.

Peter Opsvik is a well known Norwegian industrial designer. In his book Rethinking Sitting, he states that when we sit down, “… our weapons need both freedom of movement and a lot of opportunities for help.”

Through providing support, the armrests will relieve the pressure on the back though bearing the weight of the arms and hands.

Support also relieves wrist pressure. Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when the wrist becomes overworked. This puts the median nerve under strain. This causes discomfort, swelling, and weakness in the wrists.

Most of the gaming chairs come with adjustable armrests. Cheaper chairs can only sell one-way models that go up and down. The most expensive gaming chairs offer full 4-way armrests.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford a comfortable chair. And 1D adjustable armrests are a significant improvement over fixed office chair armrests. The benefit of 4D armrests is that you can customize them to suit your needs with much more versatility.

The Seat Of The Best Gaming Chairs Should Be Comfortable

Many office chairs use non-substantial padding on the back. If you’ve been sitting for a long time, cheap padding will dampen the circulation in your legs. It is what causes the pins and needles to fall asleep or the hip to fall asleep.

Cheap padding remains compact while you’re standing because it’s not as elastic. Seek to kneel on the back of your chair. When the knees can feel the steel beneath the padding, you know the seat won’t be comfortable for a long time.

Cold foam padding is a premium option for the furniture industry. It is used in rally car benches, movie theatre benches, and high-end gaming chairs.

Cold foam padding has the highest compressive strength and longevity. That makes it soft and firm for an extended period of sitting. Day after day, the cold foam padding will protect the buttocks and back with the help of the pelvis.

The Backrest Should Be Helpful And Reliable

The backrest of the gaming chair aims to improve the alignment of your spine. Made of steel and padded with padding, the backrests of the gaming chair have two main features.

The first one is help. The tall backrest embraces the shoulders and strengthens the muscles of the upper body. If you lean back, flexible pillows reflect the natural curves of the spine.

Place your pillows around the two corners of your spine: at the lower back and above your shoulders. Then play with the backrest recline until you find the best place to support your body.

best gaming chairs for back support

The second main attribute is the ability to adapt. Variable reclining options allow you to change position as needed. Place upright for work; lean back for reading or relaxing.

Most cheap gaming chairs give 180 ° deep recline. On the other hand, several luxury gaming chairs offer a maximum recline of about 135 °. This is because the ideal working angle for using a PC is between 100 ° and 110 °. If you buy a gaming chair to support your back, this is the main range you should expect to use.

How the gaming chairs support your back?

For much of human history, people have lived hunting, fishing, and food gathering. Today, ergonomics scientists say that there is no single right sitting posture. First, the human body needs to shift, never taking a static position.

best gaming chairs with back support

Dynamic sitting is also known as productive sitting. The definition means that the movement while sitting is good for your body. Successful sitting offers the opportunity to remain safe for people who have to sit for a long time.

One of the first known interactive sitting devices is the rocking chair. More recent inventions include juggling balls and wobbly stools. They ‘re helping you work your core muscles when you’re sitting down. That’s going to eat calories. It also gives your back stronger support.

Disadvantages Of Sitting On Other Chairs

The problem is that sitting on a balancing ball or a wobbly stool all day is exhausting. These tools work well as temporary alternatives but are not practical for full-time use.

More than two-thirds of American employees are suffering from occupational fatigue. This applies to symptoms of persistent exhaustion and lethargy at work. When you sit in an office chair with a bad posture, the resulting pains and aches become a significant diversion. People in pain are losing concentration and motivation.

That is where the gaming chairs are coming in. In comparison to the office seats, the gaming seats are customizable. You can change your height, recline, armrests, neck support, and back support. It’s about keeping the body healthy.

Why Gaming Chairs Are Beneficial For Back Pain

For example, when doing hard work, position the backrest to 100 °. This will help you maintain a balanced attitude. When your back is tired, set the recline back a few degrees and change the comfort pillows.

best gaming chairs with lumbar support

Pro-quality gaming chairs also allow you to change the angle of the seat with a feature called tilting lock. If your back is tired, change the position of the seat. That changes the muscles used to protect the back. Fresh ones are taking over, though tired muscles will take a break.

Dynamic sitting in a gaming chair helps to maintain a firm stance. You can prevent muscle strain with a proper stance, which has a draining effect.

Gaming chairs provide our backs with the support they need. They ‘re perfect for the back, as they promote movement and a balanced sitting posture. Over time, sitting in the ideal position will reinforce your heart and become a habit. Then you’ll experience deeper breathing, increased blood circulation, and enhanced cognitive capacity.

That’s how a gaming chair will help you straighten your back, strengthen your posture, and enhance your computing efficiency.

How to sit in a gaming chair to avoid back pain?

It depends on how “absolute reclined” you are. Lying back at a 150-degree angle might be a wholly reclined position for some, while others can only commit to 120. It’s not recommended that you play games at a 150-degree angle, mainly if your screen isn’t at eye level, because it can strain your neck so severely.

The strongly recommended angle of play is 90 degrees, which means you have to sit straight. You can rest from time to time, but be sure you ‘re not going to spend a whole day playing games in this place.

The reclining angles of these reclining chairs are mainly to relax the back and shoulders.

What Does a Gaming Chair Cost?

Decent gaming chairs are generally priced between $200 and $400. If you’re trying to save money, you will find one available for less than $100.

What’s the best place to purchase a gaming chair?

Many different stores are offering gaming chairs today. Nevertheless, locating a local retailer can be difficult in all but the most considerable cities; many department stores and furniture stores do not carry such niche items. Even though online shopping makes it impossible to “try it before you buy it,” it’s hard to beat the vast selection that the internet offers you. Safe online retailers that offer free delivery (e.g., Amazon) make it super easy to pick up the ideal chair and deliver it to your door with a minimum of hassle.

Are Set-Up and Assembly Of Gaming Chairs are Difficult?

The total amount of set-up required by the gaming chair will, of course, depend on the model you choose. In general, you may expect the assembly process to take about 20 minutes. Don’t worry about getting stuck deciphering the instruction manual; you’ll notice that there are a lot of step-by-step video guides available on YouTube to help you through the method.

The Last Word On Best Gaming Chairs For Back Pain

When you spend a lot of time sitting on a computer, gaming chairs are nice for your back. That’s because they’re promoting a healthy posture over long periods of sitting. Pro sports players use them to participate in multi-million dollar tournaments.

Gaming chairs are cheap, too. It means that all computer users will reap the benefits of gaming seats. Students, office staff, and those with bad postures now have access to a simple solution.

With extended use, a gaming chair can help you sit in the right position. When your core muscles get stronger, the right pose will become a habit, not a struggle. As a result, you’ll feel more energetic and productive.

There you’ve got it—the best gaming chairs for back pain. Gaming chairs are perfect for the back. These are easy, designed for computation, and endorse proper posture. A healthy posture enhances your physical health. This means more energy, better mood, and improved productivity.

I hope you enjoy the buying guide for the best gaming chairs for back pain. For more buying guides on other gaming accessories visit,

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