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July 14, 2020
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Archero Apk: Want video games with the archery? Looking for the right sport on archery? Here is one of them, known as Archero Apk. It is one of the best video games for the passage of time and leisure, without hesitation. You might be in a world in this sport the place you might be the archers alone, and you have to live and protect yourself against evil.


Being the lone archer, surrounded by monsters and enemies, players need to help find a way out of their circumstances for our main character. Using your excellent ability to shoot bows, take-down waves after enemy waves, and resist their attacks as you stack up against your abilities.

Experience Archero ‘s unique archery gameplay, and explore dozens of interesting aspects that the game offers.

What Is Archero Apk?

Archero  Apk is the version of the official Archero game on Google play store, where you’ll be unlocking max HP, unlimited gems, and all talent. Kill all the evil enemies in one shot, infinite upgrade gems, and unlock all the items. This is loaded with awesome features.

You are the only Archer of your Kingdom in Archero, and you must fight the evils till your last bow. Make tactics and proper use of obstacles to fight the waves of evil that are to come. They ‘re countless and won’t stop before they kill you. So, to become your Kingdom’s hero, you will fight with them till your last bow.

Archero Apk Features

As I said earlier, this Archero APK is packed with some cool and useful features that definitely will help you win the fight. I ‘d listed a few of its features below. If you think I’ve missed any significant features, then you can comment. I ‘d love to hear from you.

Unlimited Gems

archero mod apk

This is the main feature of this Archero apk. As we know, the upgrading of gems plays an important part. You can also use it to open any techniques you have. However, the biggest thing is you’ve got to win it by completing missions that get harder as you go forward. You also get only a limited amount of gems after completing a mission that isn’t enough to upgrade your overall character.

So, you’ll get unlimited gems in this apk that you can spend any time you want. You can even make use of these boundless gems to increase your energy.

God apk

Want to become a god so nobody can kill you? Therefore, this Archero god apk is just for you. You’ll become indestructible after using this , and no oncoming wave of evil can defeat you. This Archero god apk also has a characteristic for great damage. That means you can destroy only one shot of all of your evil enemies.

But, I wouldn’t suggest using this as it’ll ruin the game’s overall enjoyment. You’ll also get bored after using this because you’ll destroy your enemies without having any hurt.

New Monsters

archero mod apk

Archero is the only game after every level where you’ll see a new creature. These monsters have their powers, and to become a hero in your Kingdom, you must kill them all. There are thousands of unknown monsters who are going to assault you with their different powers like some are going to throw bow at you, or some are going to harm you just by touching your character.

You can use obstacles to keep you safe from them, or you can upgrade your weapon to combat them. Yet note, this beast can come from either side as from the front, back, left or right. So you’ve got to be ready for their next attack.

Unlimited Money

Another crucial feature of Archero apk is unlimited capital. As we all know, it takes coins or money to unlock their talents. There are a total of 9 talents locked up that can only be unlocked by using money. One locked talent needs 200 coins to unlock.

No doubt, by killing monsters and finishing chapters, you can earn coins, but it takes a lot of time and effort. But you can now use this Archero unlimited money apk to get real unlimited coins which you can use later to upgrade your character’s exp.

All Weapons Unlocked

archero mod apk

As we know, one angle comes when we complete any level and asks us about our wishes. We can choose eighter to increase damage to our weapons or to increase health. But in this Archero, you’ll get unlocked features of invisible guns.

That means your gun can fire with very bad damage on more than one arrow now. All those weapons are hidden, of course, and we can’t see them, but after level 5, we can see the difference in weapons. To me, killing the principal monster takes barely 12 seconds.

Archero APK 2.0.2 (Unlimited Gems /  Money)

Yeah, guys, that is it. I hope you have the Archero apk from our website Gamestea that will help you complete all your missions. Now, none of you will stop being your Kingdom’s hero.

What's new

Archero - 1 Year Anniversary! Rewards The Entire Month!
New Expedition Game Mode: Mini stages for quick runs!
New Runes System
New Daily Events: Temple Escape
New Hero Mode Chapter 10
New Hero: Ayana
New Equipments - 4 of them!
Talents System Upgrade: 3 New Talents - Reduced Costs, Increased Effects
Time Rewards Upgrade: Newly added XP, Runes, Scrolls
BattlePass Upgrade: New Privileges, Same Price!



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